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According to a survey by Search Engine Land, 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from real people. Positive customer reviews may be the single most effective marketing you can do for your business. But how do you do it? 
We provide services that get your customers spreading the good word about your business by getting your customers to post on over 100 different review sights in different industries, even local ones. on the sites that matter. Our solution helps you tactfully ask and remind customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process, and gives you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review. 
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In Today's World, with the power of reviews, customers are in control with how many stars
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What customers say and where they say it, can help make or break you. Reviews are important to your business & your success. People read reviews and people believe reviews.
Good reviews increase business!

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Every day consumers choose one business over another based on reviews
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Star Ratings Show in Search 
Influence of Online Reviews
90% of Consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by positive reviews 
"You need 6 five star reviews to be considered trustworthy"
Good Reviews Are Under-Represented 
Unhappy customers tell an average of 24 people about their negative experience;
happy ones only tell about 12 people. 
While 90% of people read reviews online, only around 6% write them.
We help you get more of your satisfied customers to write positive reviews about your business 
What Higher Ratings Can Do
A one star rating increase in Yelp Can Boost A Restaurant's Nightly Reservations by 19% ⬆
 At the University of California, results from Yelp’s online rating was posted in the Economic Journal.  
The study showed that as little as 1 star rate improvement could increase business by 19%.
A business with 1-5 positive reviews can see more than double the business of one with no reviews.

Consumers are likely to spend 31% more on a business that has good reviews.


However, 86% will hesitate to buy from a company that has negative online reviews.


72% of customers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more.

Reviews effectively say things about your business that you won’t say yourself.

Up to 50% of sales are lost when consumers can not find the information that they are looking for online - Online Marketing Institute

  • 4 out of 5 consumers have reversed a purchase decision based on negative online reviews

  • Harvard Business Review says a ½ star increase in Yelp  ratings = a 5-9% increase in revenue in restaurants 

  • Yelps Use "Most Reviewed" In Their Search Criteria if not a lot of reviews you don’t show up 
Google Loves Reviews  

Reviews Have Become A Massive Part Of Online Marketing

👉 Social Media  👉 Online Forums  👉 Local Directories  👉 SEO Rankings  👉 Unique Content
  • The more reviews you have, the higher your position w/local search and Google Maps
  • Your reviews and your star ratings come up when anyone searches you
  • Reviews are social proof that people like you and your business and
  • Google Algorithms like it when customers & reviewers like you 
How Reviews Can Increase Your local SEO Ranking

The More The Reviewers Like You, The More Google Likes You.

The More Positive Reviews You Have = The More Customers You'll Get

Your Referrals Are Impacted by Your Reviews

Your referrals can also be impacted as a result of your reputation.  87% search online to find information about the company first. 
Customer Treatment is Key
-It all starts with developing a culture
of pleasing customers.
  • 70% of customers base their buying experiences how they feel they are being treated.
  • Businesses with excellent customer service and quick
    response times to all issues help drive up your ratings 
  • Negative reviews can end up positive. Answer these reviews quickly and politely.
  • Resolving a customer’s issue or complaint shows that they will return to do business with you 70% of the time.

Reputation Impacts All Your Marketing

Including Getting Referrals

Solution: Build Customer Rapport

☎️ If customer has a problem with you, find a way to discuss it with him quickly before he tells the world.  

☎️ In most cases you can disarm or reverse his opinion if you act quick enough and know what to say. (agree and overcome) 

How a Review Funnel Works

Guide Customers to Good Reviews

  • Ask customers kindly to share their experience. 
  • Make it easy for customers to leave a review by driving them to destinations designed to convert them into reviewers. 
  • Use Email drip, SMS messages, QR codes and graphics to draw consumers in.  Invite one at a time or use CSV files. 
  • Guide each reviewer to the best industry specific review sites that affect your business the most. 

Your Goal: Identify Unhappy Customers 

Before They Write A Review

Happy customer? Great….


Unhappy customer? Let’s talk….


Sites you Can Post to : Which ones are best for you?

We can even add other local and niche review sites (More Online!)
Drive Customers to your review funnel landing page 
  • Email DRIP Campaigns or SMS Messages. Invite individually or with a CSV 

  • Signage Use Qr Codes, table tents, posters, biz cards
  • Signature snippets for emails

  • Invites on your website

  • Custom coupon offers on Landing Page (optional)

 Take care of your reputation and your reputation will take care of you
Listen and Respond
✔️Alerts are Sent to You Daily
✔️Send to Management & Support Staff
✔️Respond To All Bad Reviews
✔️Respond To All Good Reviews

Market With Your Reputation & Get More Customers

How to Manage & Market Your Reviews

and the Impact on Your SEO Rankings

1. Listen to the internet and see which review sites say anything negative
2. Control negative reviews by first giving you a chance to correct the situation
3. Elicit positive reviews from your customers by making it easy for them to post
4. Post to the review sites that matter the most to you.  Star ratings will go up
5. Market your reviews to your website, Facebook, and Twitte
Positive reviews, managed and marketed with the right system, drives your business upward by getting people to trust you and impacting and increasing your local SEO rank of your business or service and getting them to contact you.
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