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Pay Per Click advertising, (also known as PPC) is available on various search engines and social sites. The most famous search engines are Google, followed by Yahoo, Bing, and  others plus social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


These sites promote  search, social and display advertising services for new customers, or retargeting / remarketing to customers who have been to your website before.


The problem today is most PPC companies operate behind a smoke screen and their reporting is non-existent. They make it hard for you to trust what they say, and you never see any improvement.


They seem to follow the Ron Popeil school of thinking  which is “set it and forget it”   Ron was talking about a chicken cooker, this guys are playing with your money.  

How many hours a day or week or a month do you think they actually work on your account? They probably go into your account once or twice a week or a month, depending upon the size of your account, and do their tweaking based on their abilities, as well as guesswork and hunches. Sure some individuals try to do a good job, but they are only human.


We at Universal Solutions have the Solution. Our SEM Partner developed the largest most robust back-end automated system that consistently works for you 24 hours a day to increase your ROI. There is over $30 million dollars invested into this proprietary automated system and data warehouse infrastructure.


We provide data integrity that has become a differentiating factor between this system and all ppc competitors. Our solution’s ROI to our clients has proven to save customers 10%, 20% 30% or more on their PPC budgets  or better said to get you 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50% or more leads/clicks. in 30 days


And because our system is automated, we can also integrate additional smaller search engines, that in certain industries can provide some of your leads at additional discounts of up to 30 or 40% lower than google rates.


Our solution is a managed ad operations in search, social and display advertising that our automated technology solution always makes changes to keep increasing your ROI. Our system don’t get tired, bored or lazy. It doesn’t take off days from work, go to sleep at night or take vacations.


Our Service helps agencies and brands measure their marketing ROI by combining and leveraging different products and services onto our platform like no one else can. This system is designed to meet the demands of companies ranging from Fortune 50 customers to mid-market agencies and their customers.

Our job is not to just manage your campaigns so you don

Our job is not to just manage your campaigns so you don’t have to

              Our Job is to Get You Results and Report Them to You

   This is what you get

  1. Monthly status update calls.
  2. Weekly Optimization of accounts
  3. Manage ads to your budgetary requirements.
  4. Reports emailed at a frequency of your choice, weekly or monthly.
  5. Create methodologies to enhance engagement & reach (contests, giveaways, etc.)
  6. Develop quarterly strategic social media marketing plans specific to your goals.

“While Man Plans, Google Laughs”     

There are many details you need to consider for a successful campaign and we do it all.

     Our approach is comprehensive and is not limited to adwords alone.

from all your industry research, studying your competitors, advice on landing pages

ad creation, Selecting ad networks and much more.

Once you know all that is involved to do this job right…

  You realize you need automation to help you win


  Take advantage of our Limited time offer for a

       free PPC Analysis of your all your ppc accounts



 Our 4 step Process to Up and Running with Us

  1. PPC analysis and Auditing of existing  (FREE, Limited Time only)
  2. Determine your needs wants and goals
  3. Out with the old and re-Setup your accounts to our standards
  4. then provide complete on going 24/7/365 Continuous PPC Management:


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